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03/15/20 – The Lent Experience: Almsgiving
Proverbs 14:31, 19:17, 22:9; Matthew 25:31-46 – All throughout the Scriptures, we see that God has a special heart for the little guy, for those who are down and out and forgotten by the world; in short…for the poor. So it makes sense that God calls His people to have a special heart for the poor as well. We call that almsgiving.
03/08/20 – The Lent Experience: Repentance
Luke 15:11-24 – Repentance is what God calls us to practice every day; it includes three steps: Being convicted of the sin, confessing the sin, and turning away from the sin and turning toward God.
03/01/20 – The Lent Experience: Solitude
Luke 4:42a, Luke 5:16, Luke 6:12 -Jesus regularly withdrew from not only the crowds, but His own disciples in order to pray. In our world dominated by screens and distractions, how powerful it would be to practice times of solitude and silence so that we may hear the voice of God.
02/23/20 – The Lent Experience:  Fasting
Matthew 4:1-4, Deuteronomy 8:2-3 – Of all the spiritual disciplines we engage in, fasting has to be the least understood, and perhaps the least practiced. But it was so important to Jesus’ ministry that he prepared for his temptation in the wilderness through a 40 day fast. So why is it important? It is the most important means God has to teach us a crucial truth: that we are not to rely on the things of this world, but on God alone. Fasting is a way of revealing to ourselves and confessing to our God what is in our hearts. Where do we find our deepest satisfaction-in God or in His gifts?
02/09/20 – BOLD:  “A Bold Decision”
Acts 15:12-19 – The first big debate in the the church was over the question: who belongs? The early Christians then made a bold decision to not make it difficult for those who are turning toward God. We should do the same.
02/02/20 – BOLD:  “A Bold Shift”
Acts 11:19-21 – In the beginning of this movement that we call the church, the message of Jesus was spread among only Israelites. Why? There is a constant drift in human-hearts inward; to be concerned only with ourselves. In Acts chapter 11, some Jesus followers make a bold shift to move outside their group and begin to share the good news of Jesus with non-Jews.
01/26/20 – BOLD:  “A Bold Step”
Acts 5:27-41 – Even after they were threatened with death, the early Christians were bold in proclaiming Jesus Christ, even when they were persecuted. One way we can take some boldness baby-steps is this: when given the opportunity to invite someone to worship or to share our faith, we say something when it would be easier to say nothing.
01/19/20 – BOLD:  “A Bold Prayer”
Acts 4:23-31 – When threatened by the religious leaders, the apostles model how the church on mission should pray. Rather than praying for safety, they pray for even more boldness in sharing the message about Jesus.
01/12/20 – BOLD:  “A Bold Beginning”
Acts 2:38-39 – When we think of the church, we usually think of the church building, or maybe a church organization. While the church includes these things, they are not what the church really is at heart. In Acts 2 when the church began, we see that it is a movement of God that does not revolve around a set of teachings or beliefs, but rather around something that happened in history: the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
01/05/20 – “Better”
Philippians 3:7-11 – Of all the things that we could pursue in life to give us happiness, Jesus is far better. So as we start a new year, there is nothing better than to rededicate ourselves to our relationship with Christ.