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J A N U A R Y  2 0 2 2

Pastor’s Message

There in an aspect of modern life that seems very freeing: it is the belief that we are our own. We are masters of our own lives. We have autonomy over what we do and what we say and even over our own bodies.

While this sounds freeing, in reality it may have the opposite effect on our hearts, minds and souls. It leaves us feeling empty and with a sense of despair. I recently listened to an interview with Dr. Matthew Sleeth who talked about how we are living with a pandemic of despair. People are plagued with a deep sense that they have no hope and that their lives have no meaning.

God’s gracious gift to heal us of despair and give us hope comes from Psalm 139, where we read that God’s eyes saw our unformed bodies in the womb (v. 16). Even before we draw our first breath, God has already ordained the very number of days we will live (v. 16). Our lives from inception to the grave belong to him. God alone sets the path of our lives and directs us according to his gracious plan. Now the fact that we are God’s creation means that there are certain moral boundaries to the decisions we make regarding our lives. But does not limit our freedom; rather it blesses us and gives us hope. When we feel overwhelmed and think our life is going all wrong, we can remember that god knows so much more than we do: “How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand” (vv. 17–18).

We are given hope by the truth that our lives are not a random sequence of days determined simply by chance or even by the feeble choices we make. Ultimately, our lives are in God’s hands.

Over the month of January I will be talking about how God’s design of us and for our lives gives us hope and direction and meaning. I look forward to walking through Psalm 139 with you and reflecting on God’s great design!

In Christ,

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Romans 12:13  says “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need.  Practice hospitality”.   Our latest church wide missions ministry provides an opportunity for all of us to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
Tallassee Mission House of First United Methodist Church will open February 2!  As a church body, we will provide spiritual and material support for those in need in Tallassee area.  Material supports will be available through donations of gently used items.  Spiritual supports will be available through volunteers in the Mission House two partial days a week. 
As we go about our daily lives, we sometimes come across people who are struggling or in crisis and in need of help.  We will now have an immediate response to help those individuals and families who need material support. We can invite them to access the Mission House or even pick up items for them ourselves if needed.  When someone is in crisis, timing is critical.  We will be ready.  And we will welcome them in.  We will practice hospitality.  We will listen, share, get to know them, SEE them.  We will invite them to our church suppers, to our services, to our small groups.  We will show them the face of Jesus.
Each and every one of us can be involved in this Mission House in some way.  We are asking everyone to clean out closets and cabinets and donate items in good condition but no longer needed.  We will need donations of lightly used medical equipment (such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, bedside commodes); small kitchen wares; linens; infant, children, and youth clothing; some adult clothing; and also food to support our blessing box.  January 8 and January 29 are our first donation drop off dates, in the church parking lot.   Receipts will be provided for donations.

Volunteers are needed.  ALL of us can help in some way:

  1. Provide initial and ongoing donations of your unwanted items.
  2. Ask your family and friends to consider making our Mission House one of their donation drop-offs.
  3. Identify, engage, and refer people you encounter that may benefit from the Mission House.
  4. Volunteer on a regular basis in the Mission House.  Initial Mission House open hours will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays, specific hours to be determined soon.  Asking a good friend or family member to work with you might be a great way to serve together, working in the house.  In the summer, older youth might partner with a parent or mentor. Whether individuals and small groups,  consider working in the Mission House one day a month, a half day a month, or any way that might work out in your schedule.  Tasks might include greeting and engaging visitors, providing coffee or refreshments, sorting and organizing donated items, and more.
In closing, NOW and throughout this ministry,  PRAY…PRAY…PRAY.  Pray that we may help serve those not currently being served.  Pray that our offering of physical gifts will provide a path for us to share God’s spiritual gifts to many.  Pray that our involvement in this Mission House will be a blessing to those we hope to serve, as well as a blessing to our church family.
Deb Henning
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a primer on Pray & Go
Do you remember what the disciples were doing in the upper room before the Holy Spirit came to them?  They were praying.  Do you remember what Jesus was doing the night He was taken prisoner?  He was praying.  Prayer may be the least utilized “superpower” in the world.
The early church accomplished unbelievable success, largely through the power of prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit.  The church today can do the same with the same two assets. 
Pray and Go relies heavily on the power of prayer.  After prayer, the church follows Jesus’ commandment to Go.  Pray and Go is not about cold calling, or knocking on doors.  It’s not about direct interaction at all.  It is about the power of prayer.  God is in charge of everything else.
Pray and Go participants will meet at the church once a week, usually on Sunday afternoon, pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to go before us and with us. Then we will go to an assigned area, walk down the street in pairs, pray for each household in turn, and leave a door hanger.  The hanger will have the name of our church, some contact information, including a way to request prayer, and a place for us to sign our first name.  Then we go to the next house and do the same.
We hope initially to cover every household within the city limits of Tallassee.  It may take many months, but that’s the goal.  If we have only 24 participants who participate only once a month, and we pray for 10 homes per person per week, we should be able to cover all of Tallassee with prayer in one year.
The other piece of Pray and Go is responding to prayer requests by . . . praying.  We expect to receive many requests, covering all aspects of human life from relational, to health, financial, and other issues.  We may even hear from people hungry for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  After a while, we should begin to see a trend, which we hope will point us to a ministry opportunity.  We believe the Holy Spirit will guide the church in the direction He wants us to go.  We also believe He is guiding us to Pray and Go as the first step. 
There will be a small group of leaders, about five, that will keep us organized.  Additionally, we may have an opportunity for homebound prayer warriors who will respond to each prayer request. 
Please consider this ministry by praying and asking God to show you what part you should play in this exciting outreach endeavor.  
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Mission Opportunities 2022


Although I understand we do not get into heaven because of our good deeds, but by grace alone, God commands us to love each other as we would love ourselves.  I am proud to be a part of a church that shows the love and generosity that Jesus exemplified.  As you consider your new year’s resolutions and how you want to use your time, talents, and resources this year (as Jesus would do),  these are some of the missions opportunities within our church family.  Please contact one of the small groups involved or the church office for more details of how you and your family can be involved in specific  missions.


  1. Men’s  Ramp Ministry
  2. Crafty Christians and Ladies Circle Ministries
  3. Sunday School and Small Group ministries (Allen Cowan SS Class Bible Distribution to Tallassee 3rd and 8th graders; SS 360 Hospice Support; Men’s SS Class Sponsors, etc.)
  4. Children and Youth Mission Projects
  5. Ongoing support of ACTS – Association of Christians in Tallassee for Service – (Monthly monetary support; ongoing collection of flour and meal in Box in hallway; holiday meal baskets and toy drives; help with meal baskets, periodic donations)
  6. Ongoing Support of Hospice needs– collection box in Fellowship Hall
  7. Periodic churchwide local missions projects (House of Love and Mercy, Life Choice Pregnancy Center, Headstart, Tallassee City Schools, Student Lunches, Hospice donations and support)
  8. Blessing Box (food donation in rear parking lot cabinet for walk-in or drive up access)
  9. Annual Christmas Outreach ministries (Shoebox Ministry; Learning Tree Resident Gift Sponsorship; United Methodist Children’s Home Donations, ACTS Drives)
  10. Disaster Relief Support as needed.
  11. Pray & Go – intentional prayer for and connectional outreach to those in our community
  12. Tallassee Mission House – Our latest churchwide missions outreach effort. ALL can participate!
Deb Henning
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The Church Council is our congregation’s governing body, composed of teams and positions nominated by our Nominations & Leadership Development Committee.  Some teams, like Finance or Trustees, are administrative in nature, while others take on Nurture, Outreach, or Witness roles.  Every year, a list of the current Church Council teams and members is available to our congregants, so you’ll have a better idea of who to contact regarding specific questions or concerns about our church.  You can view a list of all Church Council committees and members HERE
(This listing will always be available on our website.  Near the top of the page, under the “Members” tab, select “Nominations” from the drop-down menu).
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6 – 7:15 pm in the Fellowship Hall
Take a break from cooking and dishes!  Enjoy a free supper and time to socialize with fellow church members every Wednesday Night.  The meal, provided by a different group, class or ministry each week, is served from 6 – 6:30 pm, after which time you’re invited to join one of our Bible study or small group offerings:
    Children – meet in the Beach Room (102)
    Youth – in the Youth Room (3rd floor)
    Women’s Bible Study – in the chapel (2nd floor)
    Chrismon-making class – in the Fellowship Hall
Thanks to our January hosts:
    Jan. 12 – Allen Cowan Class
    Jan. 19 – Men’s Class
    Jan. 26 – Radical Small Group
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As we kick off the new year, keep an eye out for new small groups launching over the course of the next few months.  Check your emails and the announcements during worship for details.


The Hope for Healing Grief Support Group meets the 2nd Monday of each month at noon, at the Community Hospice offices, located at 1526 Gilmer Avenue.


Our District Conference, originally scheduled for January 30, has been postponed until February 27, from 3 – 5 pm, at Trinity UMC in Prattville.  Church leadership is encouraged to attend, and the event is open to everyone.  Plan to arrive early; registration begins at 2:30 pm.
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01 – Sandra Culp
       Sally Weaver
03 – Ian Bankester
04 – Kim Coan-Hancock
06 – Bob Reed
09 – Georgia Anne Butler
11 – Judy Coan
       Sarah Stuedeman Gilchrist
14 – Jessica Justice
18 – Betty Watkins
19 – Julie Williford
20 – Darryl Pendergrass
21 – Tina Scarborough
22 – James Holt
       Ian Pendergrass
23 – Michael Miller
24 – Kinsley Glasscock
26 – Max Achord
       Beverly Andrews
       Wayne Pressley
27 – Jon Clark
       Ray Kirby
28 – John Stuedeman
31 – Wendi Bearden
       Carrie Donahey
       Jenna Manning


15 – Bobby & Kathy Butler
24 – Steve & Jacque Martin
26 – Dale & Meg Young
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02 – none
09 – Keith & Terry Holt
16 – OPEN
23 – Susan Dragone
30 – OPEN