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Pastor’s Message
Some years ago I read a leadership book that talked about why it is so hard to change things, whether it be in companies or communities or in our own lives. The book talked about this conflict in our brains, that psychologists have discovered that our minds are ruled by two different systems—the rational mind and the emotional mind. It is like these two things compete for control over us. So for instance our rational mind might want to lose weight and look great, but our emotional mind really wants to eat that bowl of ice cream.
The book was written from a secular perspective, and as I read it I could not help myself from contrasting what it was saying with what the Scripture says about how we change. What is powerful about the good news of the gospel is that it both acknowledges the difficulty of bringing about change in our lives, and also speaks very much about how we can find that change.
Over the month of February, we are going to be looking at the kind of change that God desires for our lives and how the Holy Spirit calls for us to allow him to bring it about. Because while God very much desires change for our lives, God also graciously gives us tools and practices through which He himself transforms us.
In Christ,
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Tallassee Mission House Update
We are pleased to announce the opening of our Tallassee Mission House at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, February 16.  Please join us for Wednesday Night Fellowship dinner on February 16 and tour the Mission House after dinner.  The Mission House is our most recent churchwide missions outreach ministry, which will be housed in the old parsonage next to the church.  The Tallassee Mission House vision is “for our congregation to provide a physical presence in our community for those in need of spiritual,physical, or emotional support, sharing blessings offered through the love of Jesus Christ.”  Our doors will be open to all.  Acting as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, we will be making available donated items at no cost to those in need.  Available will be used medical equipment, kitchen wares, linens, infant and children’s clothing,  and adult clothing.  Supplemental food items will also be available for the Blessing Box. 
As we go about our daily lives, we sometimes come across people who are struggling or in crisis and in need of help.  We will now have an immediate response to help those individuals and families who need physical supports. We can invite them to access the Mission House or even pick up items for them ourselves if needed.  When someone is in crisis, timing is critical.  We will be ready.  And we will welcome them in.  We will practice hospitality.  We will listen, share, get to know them, SEE them, love them.   We will invite them to our church suppers, to our services, to our small groups.  We will show them the face of Jesus.
Initially, the Mission House hours will be Wednesdays from 9-5 and and Saturdays 9-1. Access to the Mission House can also be made by appointment if needed. The email is TallasseeMissionHouse[at]gmail.com.   We hope our congregation will send people in need to the Mission House.  We will also be partnering with ACTS, Hospice, Life Choice Pregnancy Center, Tallassee City Schools, Headstart, Police Department, Fire Department, House of Love and Mercy, and others to refer those in need or to access the Mission House in behalf of those they serve. 
Please Pray.  Pray that our offering of physical gifts will provide a path for us to share God’s spiritual gifts to many.  Pray that our involvement in this Mission House will be a blessing to those we hope to serve, as well as a blessing to our church family.
Deb Henning
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6 – 7:15 pm in the Fellowship Hall
Take a break from cooking and dishes!  Enjoy a free supper and time to socialize with fellow church members every Wednesday Night.  The meal, provided by a different group, class or ministry each week, is served from 6 – 6:30 pm, after which time you’re invited to join one of our Bible study or small group offerings:
    Children – meet in the Beach Room (102)
    Youth – Youth Room (3rd floor)
    “The Power of Knowing God” – Allen Cowan Room (rm 306)
    Chrismon-making class – Fellowship Hall
    Shepherding Team – sanctuary
Thanks to our February hosts:
    Feb. 2 – Circle 360 Class
    Feb. 9 – Julia Burton Class
    Feb. 16 – Mission House Team
    Feb. 23 – Men’s Club
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01 – Sherril Bird
02 – Karl Ames
06 – Mike Battles
       John Foshee
08 – Leah Cullars
10 – Matt Hall
11 – Heather Johnson
13 – Stuart Smith
14 – Megan Schaffner
16 – Terry Henning
18 – Nolen Shipman
20 – Anna Stuedeman
22 – Trista Armstrong
27 – Dylan Turner
28 – Heather Burton


03 – Henry & Trista Armstrong
04 – Sterling & Beth Turner
08 – Jill & Jay Manning
21 – Jonathan & Leah Cullars
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06 – none
13 – Herb & Gayle Mason
20 – OPEN
27 – Don & Anne Bryant
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FINANCIAL SUMMARY – January 2022 (to 01/26)
Monthly Contributions
Actual:  $23,299.12
Monthly Total Income
Actual:  $80,546.19
Year to Date Income
Actual:  $80,546.19
Monthly Expenses
Actual:  $28,166.11
Year to Date Expenses
Actual:  $28,166.11
* note: Budgeted amounts will not appear until Church Council has approved a 2022 Budget