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1 Corinthians 13:4-7  – We all have expectations for the people in our lives.  Inevitably, though, people fail to live up to our expectations.  When there is a gap between what we expect and what people do, with what do we fill that gap?  The famous love passage from 1 Corinthians 13 gives us a surprising answer.
Romans 12:10  – Unlike respect, honor is something that is bestowed rather than earned.  When we honor one another, we lift one another up.
08/04/19 – Radical Hospitality
Romans 15:5-7  – God has shown us radical hospitality by welcoming us into His kingdom and adopting us into His family. So one of the most powerful ways that we share the gospel of Jesus is by welcoming others into our homes, lives, and church family.
Summer Shorts 07/28/19: Jude – Faithful
Book of Jude  – There is a lot in the Bible about staying faithful to God. But what does that look like? We build our lives on prayer and the love of God through obedience to His commands.
Summer Shorts 07/21/19:  2 John – Life Together
Book of 2 John  – Our life together as Christians is characterized by passion for the truth of the gospel, as well as love for one another which is characterized by sacrificing for one another.
Summer Shorts 07/07/19:
Book of Obadiah  – Where is God in the midst of tragedy and injustice that seemingly goes unpunished?  A look at the book of
Obadiah can help strengthen our faith in God at such times.