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Hebrews 9:11-14, 10:4, and John 19:30  – What did Christ mean when he said, finally, “It is finished”?  Truly understanding what it was that was finished, or accomplished, through Jesus Christ should have the profound effect of filling our hearts with unsurpassed joy!
Isaiah 53:4-6, Matthew 27:45-46  – Pastor Clint helps us to see that the abandonment felt by Jesus during this time of darkness on the cross was caused by no less than the full, crushing weight of our sins.  It is his sacrifice for us that allows us to cling to his model of faithfulness and righteousness, even as we experience our own times of darkness and in the midst of our feeling forsaken. 
John 19:26-27, 1 Peter 5:6-7  – Examining the intimate mother-son relationship between Mary and Jesus, Pastor Clint invites us to follow the devoted discipleship of Jesus’ mother and empty ourselves to the will and call of God.
Luke 23:32-34, 15:11-24a  –  Jesus’ first words from the cross speak to the primary purpose for his crucifixion:  asking for the very forgiveness his act of atonement provided us!  Pastor Clint draws a parallel between the prodigal son’s welcome by his father, and our return to the lavish love of God the Father through Jesus.
Matthew 4:1-11  –  Though it may be difficult for us, as 21st-century Christians to see why the practice of fasting is important, and how God can use it to improve our relationship with Him, in this sermon, Pastor Clint makes the case why fasting should not be considered an optional practice for Christians
Acts 2:42-47  –  Living in authentic relationship within a Christian community, where we are both encouraged and held accountable by fellow believers, is a powerful means of grace by which God molds us into Christ’s image.
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Psalm 119:9-16  –  Why is daily meditation in/on the Bible important?  It is through the Scriptures that we come to know God, and through which God reveals Himself to us.  In this sermon, Pastor Clint offers 5 steps as guidance for how we can make Bible meditation a daily part of our lives.
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Matthew 7:7-11  –  This first sermon of a new series encourages us to follow John Wesley’s call to pursue spiritual practices as a means by which we allow the transformative power of God’s grace to work in our lives, enabling us to pursue Christ with our whole selves.  This first sermon focuses on the practice of prayer.